Uni Stone Experts in Longueuil

Thanks to its durability, strength and aesthetics, uni-stone is present in almost all exterior landscaping projects on the South Shore of Montreal. It is a floor covering that allows you to match your home with your additional elements such as your driveway, your terrace, or your balcony and sidewalk.

At Pavé IMH, we offer a uni-stone installation, repair or maintenance in the city of Longueuil. Our services are professional and always meet your expectations.

Pavé IMH, a proven entrepreneur

Enhancing the look of your entrance, terrace, driveway and around your pool to enhance them, these are the objectives that we aim at at Pavé IMH.

Our paving company has, for many years, been able to prove itself in Longueuil. We have accumulated unparalleled experience, which is why we are able to deal with all cases concerning your paving stone.

In order to provide you with personalized service, we listen to our customers very much. We work with you to meet all your requests and never deviate from the rendering you want for your garden.

All our equipment is top of the range in order to be able to guarantee you work and finishes without erasures. The sand for pavers, the slabs of terraces, the sealer of paving stones or the edges of pavers are all chosen by us and we can assure you of their quality.

With all the projects we have undertaken, we can advise you without any problem on the paving stone adapted to your exterior. We don’t always think about it, but you can’t put just any paving stone anywhere! There are factors to take into account and we are here to guide you in your choices while respecting your tastes in terms of aesthetics.

The uni-stone for your exterior in Longueuil!

The uni-stone is perfectly suited to landscaping your garden. It allows to create spaces in an aesthetic but above all sustainable way. Thanks to its great diversity, you will inevitably find a model that matches your tastes and the style of the rest of your home.

There are countless colors, textures, finishes and sizes of paving. Depending on where you want it to be installed, there is bound to be a suitable style.

It is also a coating that can be replaced and repaired very easily. You don’t have to replace all the pavers and spend a lot of money unnecessarily when most pavers can be cleaned and sealed to be as new as day one. Finally, it is a coating that makes it possible to achieve even, clean but above all stable surfaces, which is ideal for your driveway!

At Montreal Pavé IMH, we can easily advise you on the type of paver corresponding to your home so that it is durable over time. With our long years of practice, we can guarantee you a very safe erasure-free installation! For all your paving stones projects in the city of Longueuil, do not hesitate to contact us.