Polymeric Sand Installation Montreal

Paver sanding services

Thanks to polymeric sand, it’s never been easier to give a second life to your driveways, terraces and yards. Polymeric sand installation is an effective method for protecting your pavers and making them look great. Give your pavers the right treatment so they can stay in excellent shape for a long time.

At Pavé IMH, we know that polymeric sand is the foundation for constructing a durable and visually appealing driveway or patio.

Advantages of re-sanding paver joints

When you invite Pavé IMH to install polymeric sand in your paver joints, you benefit from a combination of expertise, experience, and a personalized approach. We’ll give your pavers a new life and transform your outdoor space. After treatment, they will last longer and be easier to maintain.

Before starting any project, we’ll examine your landscaping in detail. This allows us to adapt our services to your unique situation and provide the exact results you’re hoping for. You can trust our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are the ideal choice for polymeric sand installation for pavers in Montreal.

How to install polymeric sand in your pavers

1. Prepare the pavers: First, we remove any dirt, debris and residue using a broom or brush, or via high-pressure cleaning. We verify that your pavers are aligned correctly and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding.

2. Choose a joint compound:

  • Paver jointing sand: Flexible and economical, but sometimes washes away and leaves pavers wobbly.
  • Mortar: Stable and resistant, ideal for high-traffic areas, but prone to cracking.
  • Polymeric sand: Adherent and resistant, this filler can withstand extreme conditions.

3. Apply the sealer

  • Dry grouting: Dry sand is applied, which gradually solidifies as a result of natural moisture.
  • Wet grouting: Soup-like mortar or filler is prepared and applied, then left to dry.

4. Finish: Use a joint brush to remove excess material and create a smooth, even surface.

Regular maintenance can save you a lot of money on paver repairs, and on the cost of a full paving service to restore damaged surfaces.

How to choose the right type of paver sand

Quebec’s climate poses many challenges to maintaining interlocking pavers. Snow, ice and rain can wear away the sand, leaving contaminants such as moss and weeds to take their place. Choosing a quality paver jointing sand will go a long way to protecting your pavers. At Pavé IMH, we always rely on sands that are both durable and visually appealing.

The best choice for the local climate is polymeric sand, as it can withstand the elements and will also prevent weed growth. This filler hardens after being installed and moistened, creating a solid barrier that holds pavers in place while still allowing for effective drainage. Polymeric sand is ideal for walkways, terraces and high-traffic areas. We recommend it because it is durable, low maintenance and long-lasting.


Trust Pavé IMH for polymeric sand installation in Montreal

Pavé IMH is trusted partner for paver sand installation in Montreal. When you choose us, you benefit form the expertise of a qualified team specializing in interlocking paver installation and paver sanding services. The result: custom, long-lasting results.

Contact us for a free quote or call +1-514-781-7283. Take advantage of an experienced team, top quality materials and a personalized approach to revive the shine of your pavers. Start your project with us today!