Seal Assembly

Seal Assembly

With the different temperature changes in Quebec (snow, ice, rain, etc.), the sand joints around the stones of your uni-stone may wear out and fill with contaminants (such as moss and weeds). To avoid these problems, contact us today.

Have the joints cleaned first

In order to limit the regrowth of weeds, we strongly recommend that you first perform a high pressure cleaning of your joints. Indeed, it is necessary to clean the gaskets carefully in order to remove all the dirt.

At Pavé IHM, we have specialized equipment to properly dislodge what is hidden between the paving stones. Thanks to our pressure machines equipped with state-of-the-art nozzles, your paving surface remains beautiful and attractive; no mark remains!

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Spread new sand between your plain paving stones

After thoroughly cleaning the joints and making sure that the outline of your stones is empty and free of contaminants, it is time to put in new polymer sand.

The latter is very effective against weed regrowth and will protect your stones against erosion.

To enhance the look of your uni-stone, know that we offer you polymer sands in a variety of colors.