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Professional epoxy services in Montreal

Pavé IMH is your trusted partner for installing epoxy floors and epoxy coatings. We have extensive experience in transforming spaces of all types. Our epoxy installation solutions blend aesthetic appeal with durability and strength. Whether you need to cover indoor floors, protect concrete surfaces or improve the appearance of outdoor spaces, you can trust our expertise. We’ll use the best epoxy coating available to provide the results you want.

Choose Pavé IMH for epoxy services that deliver flawless, long-lasting finishes.

Why choose epoxy coating?

Our professionals use epoxy coatings because they are the ideal solution for protecting and improving the appearance of your concrete surfaces. Epoxy paint offers several advantages:

  • Superior protection: Waterproof and resistant to chemicals, oil, and weather, epoxy minimizes surface wear and protects surfaces from any type of degradation.
  • Exceptional durability: Known for its strength, especially in aviation applications, epoxy significantly extends the life of your floors and reduces the need for repairs.
  • Versatility: Epoxy can be used to repair a wide variety of surfaces, including wood, concrete and more. Epoxy coating provides long-lasting protection against moisture and damage.
  • Customizable appearance: Epoxy is available in an endless array of colours and finishes, enabling you to transform your floors into unique and easy-to-maintain decorative elements.
  • An Eco-responsible Choice: Once it has cured, epoxy flooring is VOC-free. It is a durable and environmentally friendly choice for your concrete coating projects.

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How we apply epoxy paint to a surface

Pavé IHM epoxy contractors apply epoxy coating to your concrete surfaces via a precise method. Our approach is geared toward achieving long-lasting, visually appealing results:

  • Preparation: We prepare by doing surface grinding or acid cleaning, followed by careful vacuuming to remove dust and residues.
  • Application: The epoxy is composed of resin and hardener. It is applied evenly with a squeegee roller and smoothed out with a paint roller to create an even finish.
  • Finishing: After applying the necessary number of coats and doing final cleaning, we’ll apply a clear topcoat for optimum protection.
  • Customization: We can do custom finishes, including solid colors, coatings that include vinyl flakes, or coatings with a distinctive metallic effect.

Epoxy coating creates a smooth, durable surface that’s ideal for concrete garage floors, basements, and more. To find out more about our services and discover how we can transform your space, browse our completed projects and contact Pavé IHM for a personalized quote.

Trust Pavé IMH epoxy flooring installation services

Why choose Pavé IMH? Our expertise is backed by years of experience and reviews by satisfied customers. We are the perfect partner for your epoxy coating needs. We put our precision, passion, and professionalism to work to transform your space.

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Choosing Pavé IMH means choosing quality, durability, and personalized service. Start your project now and see for yourself why our customers trust us. Let’s collaborate to create a space that surpasses your expectations.