Protection Coating

Protection Coating

To protect your even paver from the various weather conditions that damage your stones and accelerate their deterioration call on our protective plastering service.

Many factors can wash out your pavement and accelerate its deterioration, whether UV rays, ice or abrasives used to deglaze your entrance.

They then lose their colors, their homogeneity, which makes them less attractive. To give your paving stone a new lease of life, consider applying a protective coating!

What types of protective coatings do we use?

At Pavé IHM, our paving experts work with oil-based acrylic protective coatings for wet finishes. These help to improve the colors and contrasts of your Plain paving stone.

We also have several other finishes available, such as matte, semi-gloss and gloss.

Annual cleaning and protective coatings, the keys for a paving stone sparkle

High pressure cleaning Indeed, way to remove all these contaminants (stains, weeds, mosses, etc.) from your even pavement.

In addition to this annual cleaning, we advise you to protect your paving with high quality protective coatings – commonly called sealants.

What are protective coatings like sealants used for?

These protectors are specially designed to protect your paving from all harmful elements, such as UV rays and stains. By having your surface treated, you reduce the maintenance frequency, and therefore you save a lot.

The sealer do not only protects your stones from the weather, it also helps to waterproof the joints. Result: they are less exposed to erosion, which means that your stones will keep a beautiful flat surface for long.

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