High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

It is normal that over time, your paver needs a good cleaning to eliminate stains caused by gasoline or bad weather. A high pressure cleaning will give a new life to your paving.

To have a bright paving and in good condition, it is important to have it cleaned annually using a high pressure machine. Why? Because it removes grease stains, dislodges embedded dirt and removes weeds that could cause damage to your pavers.

There are several methods of high-pressure cleaning, such as:

  • NWater jet (cold and hot);
  • NSandblasting;
  • NDry-cleaning.

Sandblasting (or other abrasive substances), mixed with water

An environmental technology that does not require any chemical abrasive, high-pressure cleaning by sandblasting (or other abrasive substances) is a high-pressure cleaning method with very little soiling.

Indeed, water is projected inside a venturi or a vacuum is created which sucks up the sand is mixed with the water. It is this mixture that is used to clean the surface. Since the sand is mixed with water, the impact creates no dust.

In addition to sand, there are different grains, such as soda and glass. Ask your specialist for advice.

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High pressure cleaning with water jet (cold and hot)

This high-pressure cleaning method consists of using pressure machines equipped with different types of spray nozzles according to the required forces.

For example, the zero level that provides maximum pressure on a fixed point is preferred for working on hard surfaces and dislodging embedded dirt.

The Roto nozzle, for its part, allows working on a larger surface, since it rotates at a very high speed. The hot water jet will be used to degrease certain areas, such as driveways and BBQ areas.

Dry cleaning by sandblasting or dry ice

Here, water is replaced by high-pressure air that passes through the venturi to create a suction that projects the grain. Generally, this type of high-pressure cleaning method is used when water is undesirable (for cleaning an electrical installation or a wooden floor, for example).

Dry ice cleaning is used to limit dust as well as contaminants in the air. This method is very convenient for removing paints and stains without damaging surfaces.