Pressure Washing Montreal

At Pavé IMH, we understand the importance of having a clean, well-maintained building. Our high pressure cleaning services in Montreal are designed to keep all your surfaces clean and functioning at their best.

We use a variety of pressure cleaning methods, including hot- and cold-water blasting, dry ice blasting, sandblasting and other abrasive blasting. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, our high pressure cleaning techniques can be adapted to all your surfaces: exterior siding, cement or brick facades, roofing, aluminum, etc.

High pressure cleaning

Over time, all interlocking pavers need a good cleaning to remove stains caused by gasoline, weathering and more. Our high pressure cleaning service will give your pavers a new lease on life, and restore their new, natural appearance.

To keep your pavers in top condition, schedule a professional high pressure cleaning every year. Why? This cleaning method will remove grease stains, loosen embedded dirt and remove weeds that could damage your Unistone.

There are several high pressure cleaning methods for cleaning pavers, including:

  • NWater blasting (cold and hot)
  • NSand blasting
  • NDry ice blasting

Residential sandblasting service

Our residential sandblasting blasting service uses high pressure water jets in combination with environmentally friendly abrasives like sand and soda for effective, eco-friendly cleaning.

We use state-of-the-art equipment adapted to both the residential and commercial sectors. Our cleaning team offers fast, precise cleaning jobs that are suitable for all surfaces, even in areas that are hard to access.

Our SSPC-compliant methods use deep abrasive blasting to preserve the integrity of treated surfaces.

Call on our high pressure cleaning company for a reliable, custom service.

High pressure water blasting service

Pavé IMH’s water blasting service is an ecological and efficient solution, widely used in the industrial sector in Canada. Pavé IMH relies on years of experience to guarantee quick interventions at competitive prices, not only in the greater Montreal area, but also elsewhere in Quebec.

Our high pressure cleaning service uses advanced machines with special nozzles for targeted results. With a nozzle set at zero for maximum pressure, we can clean hard surfaces and encrusted dirt. With a rotating nozzle, we can cover larger surfaces. This nozzle can also project a jet of hot water that will effectively degrease entrances and barbecue areas.

High pressure water blasting is an ideal solution to fight a multitude of contaminants, including limescale, food production by-products, oil films, dust, chemical residues, degraded paint (graffiti removal), air pollutants, soot, algae and minerals.

Dry ice blasting service

Pavé IMH also offers a dry ice blasting service, which is an innovative stripping method using CO2. This environmentally friendly technology is ideal for fragile surfaces and electronic components. It is versatile and safe to use.

Dry ice blasting is becoming increasingly popular in Quebec as it is quick and efficient and produces very little dust. This method is the solution of choice for a variety of industries.

We rely on our established expertise to offer top-notch dry ice blasting as an efficient, eco-friendly cleaning solution. Trust Pavé IMH for fast, professional dry ice blasting.

Call Pavé IMH for professional high pressure cleaning services

At Pavé IMH, we’re driven by efficiency to offer fast, customized services. If you’re looking for a high pressure cleaning solution tailored to your specific business needs, our team of experts is at your disposal.