Paver Restoration Montreal

Professional, guaranteed paver repair

Paver repair is key to maintaining the appearance and safety of your outdoor spaces. At Pavé IMH, we understand the importance of landscaping upkeep, which is why we offer professional and guaranteed paver restoration services. Whether you need to fix sagging pavers, replace damaged pavers or readjust paver alignment, our experienced team can advise you on how best to approach paver maintenance.

How pavers are repaired

The first step in paver repair involves removing and cleaning sagging pavers. Next, workers prepare the ground by removing any debris (plastic strips, nails) and using a rake to level the surface with 0 ¾ crushed stone. Everything is compacted to create a solid base.

For walls and steps, workers begin by dismantling the structure so they can clean each element, remove any glue, and level and compact the soil, again using 0 ¾ crushed stone. A smooth base with a slope allows for efficient drainage.

Next, we rebuild, gluing one row at a time. If needed, we will also install a drainage membrane leveled with stone dust. We reinstall all pavers according to the original pattern, apply polymeric sand in the paver joints, compact and remove any excess sand, and water the sand to make it stick.

By doing careful preparation, installation and finishing work every time, we can guarantee durable and attractive paver repair.

Reasons to do paver repair

Over time, it’s common for a driveway base to settle, forming holes. When this happens, you need to act fast to prevent major damage to your pavers.

Depressions under your pavers can lead to significant issues, especially if water accumulates and freezes there in winter. Professional paver restoration and repair services are key to helping you minimize the damage. We offer a complete range of services, ranging from identifying problems to providing the most appropriate solutions for levelling and installing pavers.

Advantages of paver repair services

  • Full cleaning: Every paver and slab in your wall or coping will be carefully removed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • Restoring the base: We use compacted stone dust used to restore and solidify the original foundation.
  • Looks like new: Paver repair will bring your Unistone back to its original appearance and condition, and revitalize your outdoor space.
  • Pure polymer sand: Uncontaminated polymer sand glues pavers together more solidly.
  • Weed control: Professional paver repair includes weed removal and will prevent weeds from growing back in between pavers.


Call on Pavé IMH for paver repair and restoration

You can count on our team of specialists for excellent paver repair services. If you notice buckling or holes, act quickly to prevent further damage. Contact us immediately for professional, high-quality work. We are committed to restoring your outdoor space to its original beauty and safety.