Paving Stone Experts in Montréal

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We are uni-stone specialists and we offer our uni-stone installation service in Montreal. Our team of paving experts will take care of everything. Installation and maintenance are delicate tasks and it is important to hire professionals to take care of it. In addition, it is necessary to maintain your paving stone well, because it is used every day. Maintenance also involves cleaning. It should be noted that cleaning can weaken the paving stone. It is therefore necessary to have the necessary techniques to do it safely.

Be sure to specify what types of vehicles will travel the paving stone. We thus adjust the thickness of the slab of the exterior paver. If these are just classic cars that pass regularly, there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if trucks are driven over it, the thickness must be increased upwards so that the pavement does not crack.

What are our other services?

A good paving stone requires regular and irreproachable maintenance. But despite this, time inevitably deteriorates materials. Most often this results in dirt settling on the surface of the paving stone.

This is why we also offer several cleaning services for your paving stone. To cleanse and rejuvenate it, we use water pressure. But with that alone, the dirt quickly returns. To remedy this, we use polymeric sand. The technique consists of inserting it into the joints in order to preserve them and eliminate as much dirt as possible.

Finally, our most complete service is for you if you want to clean, rejuvenate, restore, protect and preserve your paving stones in addition to removing as much impurity as possible. In addition to this, we ensure the uniformity of the paving stone through the application of a sealant. This product is applied so that the finish forms a protective film. It enhances the original color of the pavers.

How much does it cost?

The uni-stone is in great demand on a daily basis. This is because of the comings and goings of people and cars, temperature changes between day and night or even freeze and thaw cycles. After a few years, the materials wear out and redoing your paving stone becomes a priority. The price will depend on different factors. In general, this is the type of paving stone that will define the price. The quality of the materials is always an issue to be addressed. You have to look at the long term for a paving stone, as it needs to last for several years.

The price will also fluctuate depending on the region of the installer. Installation and labor come at a cost, and the further away the contractor is, the more expensive it will be. At Montreal Pave IMH, we work throughout Montreal, Laval, the South Shore and surrounding areas.