Paving in Outremont

In Outremont, most residences are equipped with uni-stone. It is a floor covering that several homes have adopted thanks to its practicality. For a modern and warm garden, it is an ideal and sustainable alternative!

Pavé uni Montréal, a quality entrepreneur

Thanks to our professionalism and our consistently high-quality work, we can offer our customers top-of-the-range service. We are equipped with quality materials and no product is left to chance.

We work with you for all your projects related to your paving stone, from installation to repair and maintenance, we can solve all your problems. In order to obtain a result that meets your expectations, we always work in close collaboration with our customers. We offer a very personalized service adapted to the needs of each individual.

Thanks to our high-end equipment, your uni-stone can only be durable. Paver sand, patio slabs, uni-stone sealer, and paver edging are all of outstanding quality.

Also, thanks to our expertise in the field, we know which paving stone is suitable for your lifestyle. Several factors must be taken into account: the type of vehicle you use on a daily basis, the number of people passing through or the climate in your city. Depending on your criteria, we will be able to guide you in your choices so that your paving stone is durable over time.

The uni-stone, an ideal coating

Opting for uni-stone for your exterior is an excellent alternative. Whether it is for your personal home as an individual or for your business or industry as a professional, you will benefit from all the advantages that this offers you.

We install paving stones in your garden as well as on your balconies or terraces. You can customize the design of your pavers to your liking. Your landscaping will therefore be in harmony with your decoration as well as the facade of your home. So in addition to being durable, uni-stone is very aesthetic.

At Pavé Uni Montreal, we are also experts in repair and maintenance of uni-stone. It is important to renovate your pavers, because even though it is a solid pavement, it requires some intervention.

A repair is very advantageous because it allows you to save money while maintaining your paving stone. It is not necessary to replace all the pavers but only those which are deteriorated to find a paving as new.

However, to benefit from these savings, you must act quickly before it is too late! Also, it is your duty to maintain your pavement regularly. It is thanks to good maintenance that you can keep it for years to come.

Also, the manufacture of uni-stone and concrete slabs is environmentally friendly. These materials are designed from natural aggregates and cement bonds, so they are not harmful because they are not composed of products derived from petroleum.

For all interventions on your paving stone in Outremont, Pavé Uni Montreal is at your side for a quality result