Paving Stone Installation in Brossard

Today, it’s hard to navigate through all of the types of exterior flooring on the market. At Pavé IMH, we can only advise you to orient yourself towards uni-stone, which is a durable and aesthetic solution that can adapt to all styles of architecture.

The uni-stone has proven its worth in landscaping, whether for a house, a business or an industry. When you decide to take the plunge, our contractors can come to your home in Brossard and across the South Shore for installation, maintenance or even cleaning of uni-stone.

Paving stones for your landscaping

For a garden, a terrace, a balcony or even a sidewalk, the uni-stone is an ideal alternative. Thanks to its high practicality and diversity, it is suitable for all lifestyles.

When installing uni-stone, you have the luxury of choosing your paver down to the smallest detail. There are so many models available, allowing you to adapt it completely to the rest of your home. Between the color, the finish, the texture or the size, you will inevitably find a paving stone to your taste.

The installation of uni-stone and concrete slabs has no impact on the degradation of the environment. Being made from natural aggregates and cementitious bonds, they are made from no petroleum products. Thanks to this eco-responsible choice, you are therefore taking a step towards ecology while combining aesthetics and durability.

Although it is a floor covering which is very strong, you are not immune to possible repairs due to severe weather variations or other everyday inconveniences. At Pavé IM, we are able to maintain and repair all types of paving stones. This is work that is done very easily with a little expertise. As affected pavers can be removed and reinserted one by one, repair costs are greatly reduced, as no new purchases are necessary.

Also, thanks to our equipment at the cutting edge of technology, we can offer you one of the most complete cleaning that you will find on the market. With our rotating nozzle technology, we get rid of all the dirt for a pavement that is cleaned, but also deeply descaled!

The uni-stone is therefore a perfect exterior covering for your garden in Brossard! You can only be satisfied to choose this type of floor, which in addition to being practical, allows you to keep costs down.

Trust Pavé IMH with your projects

At Pavé Uni Montreal, we offer our customers quality service thanks to our extensive experience in the installation, cleaning and maintenance of uni-stone.

We are equipped with tools, but also with quality products. Nothing is left out, whether it’s paver sand, patio tiles, uni-stone sealer or even paver edging!

We are able to advise you on the type of paver suitable for your exterior so that it accompanies you for as long as possible. We are very attentive to your requests in order to achieve a result that meets your expectations. Do not hesitate any longer, for any work related to your paving stone, contact Pavé Uni Montreal in Brossard!