Uni Stone Experts in Saint-Laurent

Today, uni-stone is a floor covering that has proven itself. It adapts to a large number of environments: for a home, a business or even an industry. This is a choice that many have made, because uni-stone brings a lot of flexibility during an exterior landscaping project. In Ville Saint-Laurent, Pavé IMH offers its paving stone installation, repair and maintenance services so that you can benefit from a quality floor.

Pavé IMH, an entrepreneur you can trust

At Pavé IMH, we offer a cleaning, installation and maintenance service for uni-stone especially in Ville Saint-Laurent. In order to boost the country’s economy, we work with products from Montreal and Canadian companies. Also, we take care that the quality of the products is exemplary! Whether it’s paver sand, patio slabs, uni paver sealer, or even paver edges, nothing is left to chance. We arm ourselves with the best quality for a lasting and aesthetic result.

In addition to offering you a state-of-the-art paving stone installation, we are able to tackle all the most visible stains on your paving stone. Thanks to our rotating nozzle technology, we can guarantee you one of the most thorough cleaning you will find on the market. Your paving stone will be thoroughly cleaned and descaled, which allows it to last over time.

In order to achieve a result that meets your expectations as closely as possible, we remain at your disposal during all stages of the work. We work in close collaboration with our customers in order to guide you in your choices. Thanks to our strong experience in the field, we know which type of paving stone is suitable for your daily life. Depending on the weight of your vehicle or the number of people passing by, we will direct you to different paving stones. Having a suitable paving stone allows it to be more durable over time.

Why choose uni-stone in ville st-laurent?

Paving stones are durable over time, easy to maintain and repair very quickly, a perfect combo for pleasant landscaping every day. It offers you a modern and warm look and adapts to all types of architecture. If one of your pavers is damaged, you just need to replace it; there is no need to renew your entire exterior siding, so costs are considerably reduced! We often advise our customers to keep a few pavers after an installation in order to have the same model if you have to change a damaged paver.

Whether for a terrace or a balcony, the wide range of pavers we offer allows you to create a living space that suits you! You can choose its color, size, finish, texture, so many criteria that allow you to match your paver to the rest of your home.

Also, the manufacture of uni-stone and concrete slabs does not contribute to the deterioration of the environment. They are designed from natural aggregates and cement bonds. They are therefore not composed of any petroleum derivative. This is a significant advantage and an eco-responsible choice.

For any installation of decorative pavers for your garden, we can intervene at your place in Ville St-Laurent. The paving stone has no secrets for us and we know how to bounce back in all situations. For a quality contractor, contact Pavé IMH!